Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2013

Journal of fashion marketing and management im EBC-Online-Katalog

Neu in unserem EBC-Online-Katalog: Journal of fashion marketing and management als PDF hinterlegt. Bitte nicht wundern, Sie werden aufgefordert Ihre Leser-Nr. (Standortkürzel B, HA, Dü, ST-Matrikelnr. z.B. HA-11245876 und Ihr Geb.datum einzugeben. Dann läßt sich die PDF öffnen.

Infos zur Zeitschrift (Quelle: Webseite Emerald):

The specific aims of the journal are to:
  • provide a refereed forum for empirically based research in clothing marketing and management
  • encourage the production and dissemination of rigorous academic papers addressing major marketing and management issues facing the world's fashion manufacturing and retailing sectors
  • identify best managerial and marketing practices internationally and to promote their widespread use in the sector
  • provide a regular review of trade, production, consumption and employment trends in various countries/regions
  • expose concepts in fashion marketing and management to rigorous study and, where appropriate, to undermine widely held myths by presenting well-focused research evidence

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