Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2016

Sommerreihe Teil 2 / Vorstellung eines ebooks aus der Datenbank EBSCO

PR 2.0: How Digital Media Can Help You Build a Sustainable Brand

If sustainability is central to your business strategy, then 21st century trends in corporate communications apply to you, doubly. From addressing the growing skepticism of traditional corporate messages to finding ways to engage an increasingly participatory and digital-savvy workforce and consumer base, there are new ways to effectively connect with your stakeholders. Use this book to: understand how transparency in corporate responsibility and the increasing importance of digital media have updated the way effective organizations communicate; develop a communications plan for your organization that reaches, and engages, the right stakeholders, using the most appropriate tools and channels; get practical advice on how to'sell'the use of digital media to skeptical internal stakeholders, including in the c-suite, as part of your mission-advancing communications plan. An effective engagement plan will require the powerful combination of living your values and telling an authentic story, while leveraging the true value of social and digital media. This book will help you make the most of the irrevocable changes in the way people create, share, receive, judge and interact with information.  

Dieses Buch finden Sie in der  e-book Business Collection der Datenbank EBSCO (Zugang über den VC).

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