Freitag, 1. Juli 2016

Sommerreihe Teil 3 / Vorstellung eines ebooks aus der Datenbank EBSCO

Book Jacket
Nita Mathur:

Consumer Culture, Modernity and Identity

New Delhi, India : Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd. 2014

This book offers analysis of articulation of consumer culture and modernity in everyday lives of people in a transnational framework. It pursues three broad themes: lifestyle choices and construction of modern identities; fashion and advertising; and subaltern concerns and moral subjectivities. It juxtaposes empirical studies with theoretical traditions in addressing questions such as: How do people imagine modernity and identity in consumer culture? What does modernity or ‘being modern'mean to people in different societies? Are modernity and tradition antithetical to or develop an interface with each other? The chapters in the book trace manifestations and trajectories of consumer culture and modernity as they connect to develop a sense of renewed identity.
Dieses Buch finden Sie in der  e-book Business Collection der Datenbank EBSCO (Zugang über den VC).

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