Freitag, 29. Juli 2016

Sommerreihe Teil 8 / Vorstellung eines ebooks aus der Datenbank EBSCO

The Holiday Makers: Magazines, Advertising, and Mass Tourism in Postwar America

Richard K. Popp, Baton Rouge : LSU Press. 2012

In mid-twentieth-century America, mass tourism became emblematic of the expanding horizons associated with an affluent, industrial society. Nowhere was the image of leisurely travel more visible than in the parade of glossy articles and advertisements that beckoned readers from the pages of popular magazines. In Richard K. Popp's The Holiday Makers, the magazine industry serves as a window into postwar media and consumer society, showing how the dynamics of market research and commercial print culture helped shape ideas about place, mobility, and leisure. Magazine publishers saw travel content as a way to connect audiences to a booming ad sector, while middlebrow editors believed sightseeing travel was a means of fostering a classless society at home and harmony abroad. Expanding transportation networks and free time lay at the heart of this idealized vision...

Wie immer zu finden in der e-book Business Collection der Datenbank EBSCO (Zugang über den VC / Mein EBC / Extern / EBSCO). 

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